Amended December, 2017

ARTICLE 1. NAME AND LOCATION: This organization, located in the Fargo, North Dakota/Moorhead, Minnesota, area shall be called the Fargo-Moorhead Golden Notes New Horizons Band. This group was established and became active on March 21, 2005. On January 13, 2016, our band became a tax-exempt charity under 501(c)(3).

ARTICLE 2. PURPOSE: Our purpose is to provide an entry-level musical experience for older adults including both beginners and those who have not participated in a band for many years. We will encourage and support each other by regularly rehearsing as a group and performing music at public concerts within a thirty-five (35) mile radius of the Fargo-Moorhead metropolitan area. A majority vote of Band Members present is required in order for the band to travel beyond thirty-five (35) miles. We will not charge admission to our public concerts. We will accept monetary gifts from the public and stipends from organizations. Any such funds will be deposited by the Treasurer into the band checking account to be applied toward operating expenses unless otherwise designated.


SEC. 3.1. MEMBERSHIP: Any adult interested in playing band music and being at least fifty (50) years of age shall be eligible for membership. Persons less than the minimum age requirement of fifty (50) may apply but admittance depends upon a majority vote of the Band Members present. This is in keeping with the concept and philosophy of Dr. Roy E. Ernst when he founded the New Horizons Band organization in 1991.

Article 3.2 DUES. The amount of membership dues shall be determined as part of the annual budget. Dues are payable on the first Monday rehearsal of each month with the exception of January. Dues shall be paid directly to the Treasurer and can be paid in advance if desired. Dues shall be paid for the entire month if a Band Member attends at least one band activity during that month. If a member is having financial hardship, he/she may request relief from dues. The President and Treasurer have discretion in this confidential matter.

SEC. 3.4. BAND MEETINGS. Band Members shall meet before rehearsals as needed, and in December to approve the budget and elect officers.

SEC. 3.5. VOTING AT MEETINGS. Each Band Member present shall cast one vote. A majority vote of those present is required for an item to pass.


SEC. 4.1. NAMED. Officers shall include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and one At-Large Member.

SEC. 4.2. NOMINATING COMMITTEE. A Nominating Committee of three shall be appointed by the President no later than September.

SEC. 4.3. ELECTIONS. In November the Nominating Committee shall present a slate of nominees. Nominations may also be made from the floor. Voting shall take place at the first rehearsal in December. Officers shall be elected by majority vote of the members present.

SEC 4.4. TERMS. Officer terms shall begin in January. Terms shall be for one year, except for the Vice President who will move up to President the second year.

SEC. 4.5. VACANCIES. Vacancies for officer positions, which arise for reasons other than an expired term, shall be filled by the Board of Directors.


SEC. 5.1. BOARD OF DIRECTORS. The Board of Directors shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Librarian, an At-Large Member, and Past President. The Music Director shall serve as a nonvoting adviser, but must recuse himself/herself when his/her musical stipend is being discussed. The Board of Directors shall be responsible to the membership and each other in accomplishing the routine and daily tasks of band decisions. Firm diligence shall be observed in keeping all Band Members informed as much as possible.

SEC. 5.2 . BOARD OF DIRECTOR MEETINGS: The Board of Directors shall meet in November to establish the band budget. In December the budget shall be voted on by Band Members present. The Board of Directors shall meet other times as needed. All their meetings shall be announced to the band, and band members will be invited to attend board meetings.

SEC.5.3. VOTING: A quorum shall be 50% of the Board of Directors. A majority vote is required for an item to pass.

SEC. 5.4. COMMITTEES: The Board of Directors shall establish and disband ad hoc committees as needed.

ARTICLE 6. SALARIES: The Music Director shall be paid $50.00 for each rehearsal and performance. He/she shall pay no dues. The Web Master/Publicity Manger will be paid $75.00 annually and pay dues. Officers shall be considered volunteers; they pay dues, and receive no stipends.


SEC. 7.1. FISCAL YEAR. The fiscal year shall follow the calendar year (January through December).

SEC. 7.2. BANKING. Both the President and Treasurer shall have access to all bank accounts.

SEC. 7.3. EXPENSES. Major unbudgeted expenses of more than $300 shall be approved of a majority of Band Members present.

SEC. 7.4. ANNUAL FINANCIAL STATEMENT. In February, the Treasurer shall prepare and present an annual financial statement of the past year to the Band Members.

ARTICLE 8. AMENDMENTS TO THE BY-LAWS: Changes to these By-laws shall only be accomplished by a majority vote of the Band Members present. If a change is approved, the amendment shall be prepared and dated, and a copy shall become a permanent part of the original By-laws.

ARTICLE 9. DISSOLUTION: Should the Fargo-Moorhead Golden Notes New Horizons Band be disbanded, the funds from the treasury and all real property shall be disposed of by a majority vote of the Band Members present.