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Our chapter of the New Horizons Bands organization was first organized in 2005. One individual, Jim Kinlaw, was looking for an opportunity to learn to play an instrument and eventually play music with others. A key contact for Jim was meeting Dr. Michael Thrasher, at church. Michael was part of the music staff at NDSU. Jim asked him if he could teach him to play music. He kindly said, "Sure." Michael recommended the alto sax as an instrument and started his lessons. After about a year Dr. Thrasher thought it was time for Jim to play with other musicians. He introduced Jim to an organization called the "New Horizons Bands." whose very purpose is to allow former musicians who hadn't played since high school or college, or even with no experience to play music together. Shortly other contacts were made. Dr. Ed Christianson a notable Fargo musician and teacher, took upon himself, the task of directing the fledgling band.

Jim Kinlaw, FM Golden Notes, founder

Our New Horizons Band in the Fargo- Moorhead area was generously fostered from the beginning by North Dakota State University, even providing our group of older musicians a place to rehearse each week during the school year using their band practice room.

In the years that followed we added and lost members to our group until today we number nearly 30 musicians. All of us in the band consider our band "family" to be about more than just playing music. It is also a rich social connection to others where many have formed warm friendships.

We fill a special musical niche in this community. Jim has connected us to numerous venues, many of which are in senior residences in the area, all of whom welcome the very special entertainment that the FM GOLDEN NOTES offers.

If you are looking for a band to be a part of, please consider joining the FM GOLDEN NOTES.
You may contact one of the musicians or our current manager listed below. The band motto is, "Your best is good enough." We practice in the NDSU band rehearsal room Monday nights at 7 during the school year.


Our current band president and Vice President:

Michele Vannote, President; 701-212-5040; vanmich@cableone.net
Verlene Dvoracek, Vice President; 701-388-8380; verljoy@gmail.com


Peter Schiefelbein has formed a strong bond with the Golden Notes Band since his introduction as director.
The band is challenged to stretch to new levels of performance under his baton, which he wields energetically. "Pastor Pete" brings with him many years of musical experience. His love for music imbues every program and rehearsal. He is quick to share his brand of humor delighting both players and audiences. The band has experienced a welcome growth spurt this past year, further strengthing several sections in the band.

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