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Francine Gilmore

We are so thankful for our family of "fabulous flutes." They add a so much style and sparkle both musically and socially.

Francine's outgoing disposition has been ideal for her career in real estate. She is at the time of this entry the treasurer for the organization and is diligent to collect a month membership fee from each member.

George Blank

We have been fortunate that George has shared his talents with us now for a few years. He orginally joined our band playing the electric bass guitar when we were tuba poor. He gave our bass voices a boost.

More recently, George found an antique baritone sax in reasonably good condition which he determined to play. He now not only plays with verve but can, if not restrained, can easily dominate the entire bass register. George, always modest, was known to quip, "I am the 1,750th best bass guitar player.. in Cass County.

George's experience spans from farming to running his own construction-related manufacturing company.


Candy Tessmann
Candy Tessmann started playing alto sax in the sixth grade and changed to bari sax in the tenth grade. Many, many years later, when her husband Brian joined the Golden Notes in the fall of 2015 they began shopping for a saxophone and decided on a tenor sax.

She joined the band in January of 2016 and has enjoyed rehearsals, performances and getting to know the other band members.

Playing in the Golden Notes is a nice retirement activity Candy and Brian enjoy doing together. Before retiring May of 2015 Candy was employed with Fargo Public Schools in their computer technology department. Candy and Brian live in North Fargo and have four grown children and four grandsons.

Theresa Tallackson



Harlan Ormbreck

Harlan is one of founding percussionists. He is a retired architect and and was an instructer of architecture at NDSU. Harlan tells us that music was his favorite student activity in high school days.

While getting his degree in architecture at NDSU, Harlan found work playing in local bands which paid for about a third of his college costs. He is married to Sharon who taught elementary classes in the Fargo schools. The two now retired enjoy traveling extensively.

Laurie Roman

Laurie has played her clarinet with the Golden Notes since early on.

Lauri and her husband Bob, have abandoned the cold of Fargo to enjoy warmer climes. As snowbirds, they have found a place where they can share their musical talents with others.
The Romans immerse themselves in the music and community theater down south. I should mention that Bob is a fine singer and we hope he can fill a slot with the band some time
in the future.


Linda Ahlberg

Linda joined the band in 2006 and feels fortunate to play with the "fabulous flutes" section. She especially "appreciates all the other wonderful people in the band!" Before moving to West Fargo, Linda and her husband, David, spent 35 years farming northwest of Devils Lake.

She enjoys games, reading, playing the piano, growing flowers, fishing and spends way too much time texting back and forth with her sister, daughters and six grandchildren.

Nancy Weiser

Our principal among the fabulous flutes, Nancy, is a retired music professional. She is among those whose versatile contributions have so greatly enriched our band.

When we need an accompanist we can call on her; When we need a piccolo obbligato, we call on her; when we need a substitute director we can call on Nancy. She also is helping to keep our music library organized and that is a tough assignment.



Michele Vannote
Michele, a retired school principal, is a recent member of this band. She attended several of their concerts in the first six years of her retirement. She enjoyed the Golden Note's music, philosophy, and the 'downright FUN' that a good friend was having as a member.

As a Golden Notes "groupie", she was encouraged to relocate her clarinet that was last played at Williston High and last seen in Montana! Well, she tracked it down, took some refresher lessons and has been blowing up a storm ever since!

"I'm not perfect yet but what's a squeak among friends? Look out, Woody Allen! "

Linda Coleman

Linda grew up on a farm in southern Minnesota. In their spare time the kids all played and sang around the piano, so music is in her blood. She started her varied career as an operating room nurse, married and then worked as family therapist. She and also sold real estate for 22 years.

Linda says, "I read every book I can find, and play with my grandson's every chance I get. Now retired, I love to be a part of the Golden Notes even though I'm rusty. What a great family of new friends ! Love it."

Bill Kitzman

As a farm kid from Sawyer, North Dakota, Bill grew up with music in the home. His dad played a concertina and his mother an accordian. Although they encouraged his playing, it was only later he took an interest in his dad's concertina. Bill stayed busy with music ever since. After his military days he was able to earn a few bucks playing cordovox with local Fargo bands. Bill played mostly by ear in those days with a group called the "Happy Jacks." One of our number was a talented 'button trombone' player, Ed Christianson.

Bill's tuba career was launched in Foreman, N. Dakota when a community band was started. There were some beater tubas he learned to play. Again, moving to Fargo, Bill joined the “Royal Melodies,” dividing his time between accordian and tuba. After finishing his work career, Bill continues to enjoy playing. He performs with a brass ensemble at church and is now a welcome member of the FM Golden Notes band. Bill is a talented master showman. We are so happy Bill shares his talent with us..

Gina Timmerman

Band and chorus were very important to Gina while in school. She played and sang in lots of group gatherings. Then as life continued, there were church choirs and community cantatas. These were a highlight in her life.

Married to husband, Bill, Gina has 2 adult children and 3 precious Granddaughters. Her oldest Grandaughter now plays the alto sax in school and the two enjoy playing duets in church and nursing homes.

About 4 years ago Gina joined an adult band in Page, ND. She enjoyed that and now enjoys the FM Golden Notes very much. Gina spent 37 pleasant years working for the Arthur Companies and the Burgum family from which she retired 2 years ago.

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