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Rodell Lee

Rodell is our principal trumpet player. Born in 1934, makes Rodell one of the senior members of our band. He's been with his bride Diane since 1958. Rodell and Diane have three sons and six grand children. His career has included the US Army, farming, and selling life insurance.

Music has been a life-long pleasure, including 3 years playing with a dance band. He loves to attend ball games with his boys and grand kids.

Charlie Pinkney

Charlie had a 40 year time-out from playing in a band, when he joined the FM Golden Notes in 2007. He enjoys playing trumpet and also does an occasional vocal.

Charlie, is a retired art teacher and still spends some time painting. More recently Charlie was commissioned as the webmaster for the FM Golden Notes.

Verlene Dvoracek

Verlene is another retired Fargo teacher, an English teacher and ELL coordinator. "Joining the Golden Notes has been one of the most fulfilling activities in my retirement. I still play the clarinet my parents bought for me when I graduated from 8th grade." Joining the band in 2006, she hadn't played since her junior year in college.

I feel that we contribute to the community by performing at nursing homes and other organizations. It's a win win situation for us all." Her husband Del and both their sons also love music. Verlene says, "Music is truly for life."

Cheryl Bergian

Cheryl joined the FM Golden Notes in the summer of 2014.  She is very happy to be re-discovering playing in a band as one of the “fabulous flutes”. 

She’s an attorney by profession. Owning her own office provides the flexibility to skip out of the office on occasion to play with the band for their daytime shows.

  Cheryl lives in north Fargo, with her husband Bill, dog Otto, & two parakeets (Bobby & Teddy).  Otto has the good manners not to howl if flute playing is going on at home (which is pretty good manners for a dachshund).

Sylvia Benser

Sylvia has always enjoyed music. She is retired from a multifaceted career. A business owner, bookeeper and music teacher.

Sylvia says, "Finding this group to promote smiles in others gives me joy." She gives us joy as well!

Shirley Platfers

Shirley P. is a former Williston native. Before moving to Fargo, she played snare drum with the Williston City Band. The desire to be closer to her sons’ families was a strong motivation in moving to Fargo.

Since last October she has been a valuable addition to our percussion section!

Shirley keeps busy with numerous hobbies; sewing, biking, music, and especially enjoying her grandchildren.

Sue Helms

Sue and her husband Ted live in south Moorhead. She has 3 sons, and 2 grandsons, keeping her life fun and fulfilling. Sue worked several years as an elementary para and now works part time as a customer service representative for an insurance agency in Fargo.

The Golden Notes has been a delight to me since attending a 2014 Spring Concert and then joining the group that fall. Music has always been a love of mine but who knew I would pick up the saxophone again, after playing in my high school band 40 years ago. The Golden Notes are well, "music to my ears."

Stanley Iverson

Stan is another retired academic who is returning to music after many years. The sight of a sousaphone and a person to play it registered all manners of delight among the members of the band welcoming Stan.

As our founding director said, "There is no more important instrument in the band, except for a trombone."

Maury Morgan

We are glad that we have a versatile percussionist to add to our rhthm making team. Morrie has had a long career of playing with musical groups in the Fargo Moorhead area.

Clearly the percussionists keep the band from going astray when and if we fail to watch the man with the baton. ; )

Maury is able to improvide on the fly, as when he substituted a break drum for a needed percussion instrument.

Ruth Elders

Ruth is a retired Fargo special education teacher who still subs mainly in elementary and middle school special education classes.

Ruth hadn't played her flute since playing at Concordia in the late 60's. Friends in the band convinced her to take lessons and she began playing in the band in the Fall of 2014. She really enjoys it.
She has a daughter, son- in- law and four grandchildren living in town that keep her busy.

Karen Tabor

Karen is a welcome addition to our clarinet section. Karen joined the band after attending our 2015 spring concert. She plans to retire soon from 30 years as a med lab tech, & is excited to play clarinet again after many years.

She also sings with Valley Voices (Valley City) & enjoys all genres of music. She lives in a rural home with her husband, has 2 children & 2 grandchildren

Brian Tessman

The only thing better than seeing a gleaming tuba behind the band is seeing two. Welcome Brian Tessmann. Brian replaced Dr. Ed Christiansen as the music teacher and director of Fargo North High School bands.

Brian has retired after teaching 42 years. We are happy to be the recipient of his experience and talents. With a solid sounding bass section our musical sky is the limit!

John Helgeland

What better way to launch the 2016 performing year for the band than to add new players and instrumentation. Joining us in 2016 playing year, is John Helgeland on bass trombone.

John is a graduate of the University of Chicago with a PhD in Early Christian History. John, now a retired professor,serves as professor emeritus in NDSU's Religion and Ethics Department.

With John joining our trombone section, we can anticipate even greater sounds in the low brass, thrilling audiences, and us in the band as well!

Rae Reike

We welcomed Rae to the Golden Notes in the fall of 2016. Her fellow trumpeters were delighted to have an addition to the section, especially someone with a strong background in music.

Rae is married and lives in Erie, ND with a husband and one dog, Puddles.

Rae is a retired Postmaster. For the past 7 years she has been musically active. "I have been a member of the Page, North Dakota Music Makers band, and have been a church organist for 28 years. I enjoy reading and playing piano."

Bev Dekkers

Music has always played an important part in my life. Having an older brother who plays by ear set the pace in our family which has continued into the next generation.

One of my daughters, who taught music, and is now going into music therapy, told me, "Hang in there, Mom. It will come back."

I wasn't so sure when I picked up the French horn again when joining the band. But, like I always told my kids, practice and encouragement goes a long ways. I enjoy playing in the band and working with great people!


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